Meet The Photographist
Mohammed Anamul Haque Anam

Chief Photographer of Focus Photography

Awards & Exhibitions

  • Sylhet photographic society (SPS)
  • Bangladesh photographic Society (BPS)
  • Celebrating life National Photo contest
  • Bangladesh Society of Photographic art (BSPA)
  • Daily Star Photo Contest in Bangladesh
  • Mind’s Eye Contest, Leading University
  • Bangladesh Tourism Board 2019
  • Different Image of Men 2017 || ActionAid
  • Anti-corruption Photo Competition 2017
  • Painted Children UK
  • Photographic Society of America (PSA))
  • Image Colleague Society (ICS),AMERICA
  • Royal photographic Society of Thailand
  • Siena International Photo Award, Italy
  • ONCE Photo Contest, Spain
  • The 78th international photographic salon of japan 2018
  • Glostars Fourth International Photo Exhibition 2017 Finland
Establishment & Identifying
  • I founded an institution for teaching photography, its called Focus Academy Bangladesh, in December, 2017. We now have hundreds of students from all over Bangladesh
  • I am the organisation secretary in Sylhet Photographic Society ( SPS).